Welcome to INOVIS Live Automation

Global supplier for industrial PCs, panel PCs, IIOT solutions, and customised industrial hardware projects.

INOVIS Live Automation provides industrial quality hardware and software solutions, allied with outstanding service to our customers.  Custom design and manufacturing services are available to all customers on all projects, regardless of volume. INOVIS delivers complex solutions in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), and supports Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 projects and initiatives. Key market segments are Automation, Transport, Marine, Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Medical. Many of our customers are systems integrators in their own right who use our hardware sourcing and expertise to build their solutions.

About INOVIS: Learn more about INOVIS Live Automation strengths, our story, the INOVIS Group history. Our UK and Ireland branch offices also serve customers in the US, Canada, and throughout Europe.

Services: From design consulting to assembly and repair, we look forward to engaging with and adding value to your business.

Products: We stock and supply an extensive range of industrial PC products and components, please check our online catalogue or contact us directly with your requests.

Markets: Our customers are active in many different sectors of industry, we illustrate how our solutions can be implemented in practical terms in some key industries.

Please contact us directly with any project requests or questions.