Since 1999 the INOVIS Group has been successfully active as a solution provider and distributor of industrial computers and components. Alongside standard products, we also offer individual, customised solutions. Irrespective of whether we are dealing with small numbers of items or major projects, we find the appropriate products for our customers. Our expertise is in fulfilling challenging requirements placed on hardware, and often service.
Our product range includes industrial PCs, box PCs, panel PCs, monitors, touch sensors, boards, industrial communications and associated components.

The following requirements are frequently the most important challenges in our projects:

  • Extreme temperature ranges.
  • High Ingress Protection / International Protection (IP) classes, which define the protection class of the housing against contact, foreign bodies such as dust, and water.
  • Long-term availability of components and life cycle management.
  • Certifications such as MIL STD or EN50155 for military and railway projects.
  • Product features, such as suitability for outdoor use, ability to withstand shock and vibration, touchscreens, scalability from low to high performance, flexible mounting options – open frame, panel mount, in-wall cage etc.

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