Since 1999 the INOVIS Group has successfully delivered projects to customers operating in many different markets. 

In addition to universal products such as box PCs and panel PCs suitable for general industrial applications, INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. also supplies market-specific products. These particular products allow us address markets which demand specific certifications. For instance, we have been able to carry out a number of projects in the medical and transport sectors.

We have also developed considerable expertise in the fields of automation and machine construction. INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. excels in satisfying challenging requirements such as serial interfaces, extended temperature ranges or vibration protection. We also offer customer-specific adaptations for all components, even when quantities are small. 

Apart from hardware components, we can also supply complete digital signage and video conferencing solutions. Displays, media players, cameras and accessories, in addition to compatible software and assembly services are all available. 

From supply of hardware components to full managed services contracts, we can embed ourselves into our customer’s business as little or as much as required.