INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. supplies a range of solutions for medical applications.

These include:

  • Panel PCs all in one devices where the computer and the monitor are in one housing
  • Compact computers suitable for applications that require high graphics performance, such as medical diagnostic and imaging technology
  • Medical monitors
  • Data terminals
  • Mobile computers
  • Bedside infotainment devices that can display information interactively on the patient bed (patient information or entertainment information such as films, music, etc.)
  • Medical accessories (keyboards, mounts, mobile workstations, ..)
  • Medical trolleys and carts are manufactured by INOVIS Group and allow INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. to provide full solutions in this area to both hospitals and OEM’s alike. Please follow this link to review our medical cart brochure: INOVIS Medical Trolley Brochure

Please visit the group’s dedicated medical website here: