From idea to prototype…


Engineering as we define it is the delivery of bespoke or custom-made solutions, covering our entire product range. Some engineering projects involve relatively minor amendments to primarily standard product – which we label as modified standard product (MOST), while others require the development of custom products from the ground up where chassis, I/O, boards, and all componentry needs to be designed specified and built by INOVIS Live Automation Ltd.

Our customers frequently require additional interfaces or custom-made electronic components which can be seamlessly integrated into existing standard components.

Talk to us if you have an idea that perhaps cannot (yet) be covered using current standards. 

For example, we have carried out the following developments many times: 

  • Carrier board development for system on modules (SoM)
  • Housing adaptations and design
  • Interface development
  • Interface conversion
  • User-interface development

From sheet to industrial PC… 

We believe INOVIS Group is the only IPC manufacturer in Europe who brings the entire value chain together under one roof; punching, bending, welding, powder coating (or other surface treatment), and assembly of electronic components in an ESD protected environment. Our production facility scales comfortably to over 10,000 units per year depending on project needs. Consistency in quality, and flexibility in production planning, make us an ideal industrial PC partner to support your business.