Due to the lack of moving parts, solid-state drives (SSDs) are mechanically much more robust than conventional drives, have very short access times and produce no noise.

INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. has a wide range of industrial SSDs bringing a whole new level of high-performance storage. Our industrial SSDs have been developed for a variety of applications, including industrial, server, aerospace, defence and other semi-industrial applications, such as thin clients, POS, and kiosks. Compared to conventional hard drives of the same capacity, they are more expensive by a factor of 5 to 10. Despite the mechanical robustness, SSDs can also fail or cause system errors, the advantage of using INOVIS as your provider is that we maintain a very close relationship with our suppliers. In case of a failure we will simply replace the industrial SSD, we will also have it analysed by the manufacturer. Not only is the read and write speed higher than with conventional hard drives, the temperature tolerance is also greater. This affects both the temperature range in which industrial SSDs can be operated and the tolerance for temperature changes. This qualifies industrial SSDs for mobile use.
Our industrial SSDs come in the conventional SLC and MLC types. We also offer a special technology called iSLC for our customers. The iSLC models are a mix between the SLC and MLC and provide the benefits of both. The design and electrical connections may or may not conform to the standards for magnetic or optical disk drives.