The simplest and fastest way to increase the performance of your industrial PC is to expand the memory.

The RAM of a computer is the name for the memory containing the currently executing programs or program parts and the associated data. The main memory is a component of the central unit. Since the processor directly accesses the main memory, its performance and size significantly affect the performance of the entire computer.

Solutions that are used in the industrial sector often have to meet particularly high demands. The operating conditions are often harsh: wherever systems are exposed to heat and dust – for example in open-air systems – extremely robust components are required.

While consumer electronics components such as RAM are expected to operate without trouble based on a standard temperature range of 0 ° to 70 °, industrial components and controls must also function reliably in extended temperature ranges of -40 ° to + 85 °. Sufficient thermal capacity is important, not only for controls and industrial computers in the laboratory and production hall – but the hardware of ATMs and POS systems is often exposed to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Extend your industrial PC device with industrial grade RAM memory modules of well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, DataQuest, Kingston, etc. and achieve an optimal performance increase at low cost.