Our adaptable range of monitors guarantees you will find the ideal solution for your particular application. Our monitors use industrial panels from leading suppliers. All of the components are designed for heavy loading. The AD boards, the most important part apart from the panel, are developed by the monitor manufacturers themselves. This is an advantage if adaptations are necessary or if special requests or problems arise.

From 5.7″ to 22″ DVI, VGA and S-Video connections are available, from 32″ and up, HDMI connections are also available.

The standard power supply used by these monitors is 12V DC from an external mains adaptor. 24V DC, 48V DC and 230V AC are all available on request. We can also supply monitors with a Phoenix screw connector.

All of our monitors can be equipped with touch-screens. You can select resistive, capacitive, SAW or IR touch-screens. From 32″ and up, Windows 7-compatible multitouch sensors are integrated as standard.

Depending on specific customer requirements, we supply monitors as open frame, chassis, chassis mount, panel mount or rack mount models.