Panel PCs incorporate both the monitor and computer in a compact housing. They are available from 5.7″ to 65″ and are mainly used as display systems and for controlling machines.

All panel PCs are available with or without a touch-screen with processor performance varying between 500 MHz and 2 GHz. For the most part, these computers are fan-less.

We offer our panel PCs in various materials (plastic, metal, aluminium, stainless steel). The systems are IP-protected (IP45, 54, 65, 67) depending on the intended usage and environment into which they will be deployed.

We mostly offer computers in two configurations: units that have to be fastened just like a normal monitor with VESA fixings to a base for example, and panel mount systems. In the case of panel mount computers, such as our in-wall PCs, the unit is slid into a recess provided for it and then fixed from behind.